Once the space was secured, Rajeev knew he would need a uniquely talented Master Architect and Interior Style guru to make the most of this most amazing space and Hernan Zanghellini and the team at ZHA+MA2 studios have certainly rose to the challenge. 

Features that evoke the memorable dining experiences of busy Barca tapas-tables, breezy Greek-isle tavernas, relaxed Napolitano trattorias or the scene-to-be-seen bustling brasseries of the Cote d’Azure … 

Hernan’s visually stunning designs lend Quiero Más a relaxed and particularly chic Mediterranean vibe. Cobalt blue and turquoise highlights are scattered throughout the Lounge and Dining Room, both filled with warm oak wood flooring, soft leather banquettes, Moorish lighting touches, faint Art-Deco stylings… even handcrafted Terra-cotta tiles adorning the island bar.

Restaurant Workers

True to the Mediterranean feel of the 3000 sq ft venue, Quiero Más offers a host of distinct spaces to relax and enjoy with each area offering a different experience for guests. Cozy up to the feature bar in the middle of the Dining Room for a handcrafted cocktail, imported on-tap beer, or a glass of Spanish cava. Or relax in the adjacent candle-lit Cocktail Lounge where pre (and post!) dinner drinks are a must. In the main Dining Room, Hernan has assured an assortment of small and large-party tables allowing for intimate groups or fun-dining with friends. And finally, a private-dining table with the best view in the house across the Hong Kong skyline is sure to be enjoyed for that special celebration with tailor-made Chef-menus available for that private, exclusive, elegant seclusion.